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S.E Harouna KABORE Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Crafts Ministre Burkina Faso Trade
H.Ex Jean Lucien Bussa TONGBA Ministry of State and Foreign Trade Ministre Democratic Republic of Congo Trade
H.Ex Vincent MUNYESHYAKA Ministry of Trade and Industry Ministre Rwanda Trade
S.E Alioune SARR Ministry of Trade, Consumer Affairs, the Informal Sector and SMEs Ministre Senegal Trade
Mr. Alassoun SORI Ministry of Water and Sanitation Secrétaire Général Burkina Faso Construction
Mr. Sid’ Ahmed Ould Brahim Ministry of Equipment and Transport Secrétaire Général Mauritania Construction
Mrs. Alice TWIZEYE Ministry of Trade and Industry Director of External Trade Rwanda Trade
Mr. Alexis MOHAMED Presidency of the Republic of Djibouti Conseiller spécial du président Djibouti Multisectoral
Mr.Thierry HOT Presidency of the Republic of Burkina Faso Conseiller Spécial du Président Burkina Faso Multisectoral
Mme . Diadji SACKO Presidency of the Republic of Mali Chargée de Mission Mali Multisectoral
Mr. Tayeb BACCOUCH The Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) Secrétaire Général Multi Multisectoral
Dr. Francis MANGENI Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Director of Trade and Customs Multi Multisectoral
Dr. Brian CHUGAWA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Legal Counselor Multi Multisectoral
Mrs. Lilia HACHEM NAAS United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (CEA) Director of the ECA Office in North Africa Multi Trade
Dr. Sidi Oueld TAH Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) Directeur Général Multi Financial Services
M. Salem Hani SONBOL The International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) CEO Multi Financial Services
Mr. Issaad RABRAB CEVITAL Group  PDG Algeria Domestic Appliances, Food, Glass, Construction, Distribution
Mr Moheddine TAHKOUT TAHKOUT Group Président Algeria Automobile
Mr. Albin FELIHO National Confederation of Employers of Benin – CONEB Président Benin Multisectoral
Mr. Audace NDAYIZEYE CFCI of BURUNDI Président Burundi Multisectoral
Mr. Protais AYANGMA AMANG Cameroon Companies (ECAM) Président Cameroon Multisectoral
Dr. Joseph BOGUIFO Ivorian Federation of Small and Medium-sized company – FIPME Président Ivory Coast Health
Mr. Abdelatif SEMHAT EMEB CI PDG Ivory Coast Construction
Mr. Antonioni BASSIT Clinique Hotel Dieu Directeur Général Ivory Coast Health
Dr Charles BOGUIFO CNOPHCI Président Ivory Coast Health
M.Alain Yves KOUASSI CNA DE CÔTE D’IVOIRE Président Ivory Coast Multisectoral
Dr. Vaflahi MEITE General Confederation of Enterprises of Côte d’Ivoire Directeur Exécutif Ivory Coast Multisectoral
Mr. Said Omar MOUSSA SOM HOLDINGS LLC Chairman Djibouti Health
Dr. Youssef Moussa DAWALEH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF DJIBOUTI President Djibouti Multisectoral
Mr. Baldé MAMADOU Chamber of Commerce of Industry and Handicraft of Guinea (CCIAG) Président Guinea Conakry Multisectoral
Mr. Peter KANGETHE Haco Kenya DG Kenya Trade
Mr. Ali Omar ALMOKHTAR BSIC PDG Libya Financial Services
Mr. Mohamad Abdalkarim ARRAAEEDH Federation of Libyan Chambers of Commerce & Industry Président Libya Multisectoral
Mr. Samir Almahdi ZAYDAN Economic Libyan Tunisian Partners Chamber Président Libya Multisectoral
Mme. Joséphine Soanorondriaka ANDRIAMAMONJIARISON Group of Companies of Madagascar (GEM) Présidente Madagascar Multisectoral
Mr. Hery Lanto RAKOTOARISOA Group of Free Enterprises and Partners (GEFP) Président Madagascar Multisectoral
Erick RAJAONARY FIVMPAMA Grouping of the Malagasy Patronate Président Madagascar Multisectoral
Mr  RAKOTOVAO ANDRIAMAMPIANDRA Roland La Tranoben’ny Tantsaha (Chamber of Agriculture) Président Madagascar Multisectoral
Mr. Mossadeck Bally Azalai Hotels Group PDG Mali Tourism
Mr. Youssouf BATHILY CCI DU MALI Président Mali Multisectoral
Dr. Amine M’hammed Rida  BENSAIID Université de Mundiapolis – Groupe HONORIS Président Morocco Higher Education
Mr. Mohamad Zine Alabidine OUELD ACHIKH AHMAD Patronat Union of Mauritania Président Mauritania Multisectoral
Mr. Ahmed Bab Oueld ALI CCIAM Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Président Mauritania Multisectoral
Mr. Amadou Mamadou SEKOU Water Heritage Company of Niger Directeur Général Adjoint Niger Construction
Mr. Babacar CISSE SYNERGY INVESTMENTS NIGER .SA Managing Director Niger Construction
Mr. Mohamed ALBAKAYE AL IZZA Group PDG Niger Tourism
Mr. Serigne MBOUP UNCCIA OF SENEGAL Président Senegal Multisectoral
Mr. Daouda THIAM Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Dakar (CCIAD) Président Senegal Multisectoral
Mr. Moustapha SOW SF CAPITAL CEO Senegal Financial Services
Mr. Momath BA Agency for Development and Promotion of Industrial Sites-APROSI Directeur Général Senegal Advisory Services
Mr. Bichara DOUDOUA National Council of Chadian Employers (CNPT) President Chad Multisectoral
Mr. Ramesh BABU Kiboko Holdings Ltd DG Uganda Health and pharmaceutical industry
M. Khaled IGUE Club 2030 Afrique Président Multi Multisectoral
Guy Joseph GWETH African Intelligence and Business Intelligence Center (CAVIE) Président Cameroon Advisory Services
Mr. Issa MBOUP National Confederation of Employers of Senegal Vice-Président Senegal Multisectoral
Mme Alexia Levesque French Development Agency ‎Chef de projet formation emploi Financial Services
Dr Sonia Bahri Gaisset French National Commission to UNESCO Advisor to The President NGO
Mr. Fawzi ALSSAKET Abusdera group PDG Libya Trading – Medical Equipment
M. Papa Mohamadou Mbareck DIOP National Council of the Patronate Vice Président Senegal Multisectoral


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